Battle Sisters Squad – WIP Part_1 – Lets see the options…

As I finished the bases of the Zephyrim squad with pigments and a neat black rim (Artis Opus’ Biron’s critique videos might be getting to me…) Still missing the cotton/steel wool effects I have been planning for them, but I moved to the next box on my newly acquired Adepta Sororitas Army/force/bunch of plastic!

I chose the main squad box… With the clear idea, again, to magnetize and paint every available option, so they could be either Battle Sisters, Celestians (not clear on the difference, other than the later have a fleur de Lis on their helmets), or Retributors (where available)

I moved on to the first miniature of the instructions booklet (Gone are the days of just cutting them all off the sprue.) it was their squad leader, known as their Sister Superior… Let’s weight in how many option does she bring… because I wanted them all!

Ohhh… Fuuuuuu**…!! Was my first thought… Followed by let’s not be “anal”, and keep it fun. Those parts seemed too fiddly, or straight too small to even fit a magnet!

The inquisition symbol that hanged from her hip was missing… But I’ll source something else to stick in there. I cleaned all the pesky moldlines I could see and moved forward with the pin-vise drill and superglue.

Huge success! I managed to fit a 2 x 1 millimeter round magnet on every single piece! To make it even more open, the arms had a second magnet installed at the elbow, so it could be exchanged for the usual “full arm” piece, or just the weapon options provided for this one. For the combi-weapon on her right arm, this meant six magnets one after the other… Overkill? Yes… but I achieved ultimate WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)

No broken, drilled-through, lost or inverted polarity screwups, either! More to come!


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