WIP Part_2 – 40K Battle Sisters – Problem magnet!

For not liking the prepping stage, it’s being quite involved, lately! Lucky the rainy weather doesn’t allow me to “prime a test mini… or two”, so I can hopefully get the whole squad of ten, ready to paint together. Next two on the construction manual were the Simulacrum Imperialis carrier (standard bearer) and the first of the two heavies…

This round of magnetizations was going to be a lot more tough, I wanted to keep the pieces working for every mini, since the pauldron was part of the arm-piece on the standards…

Luckily, the arm holding helmets (celestian and not) came with a separate and complete pauldron-piece, so it was a matter of carving away the extra detail on the others.

This having worked, allows for all my previously prepped and painted arms to slot… and those cool simulacra to be carried by others!

The heavy was not an easy job… It came with this cool non-heavy variant launching a grenade, holding the pin in her teeth, one arm clinched, the other extended as about to throw…

But the heavy Bolter… had to create a reinforced union on that ammo-belt, and a sunken magnet slot for the end of it. Its power-cables below it might need to be cut on the backpack end-side and attached to the weapon-part because they barely touch as of now… And thinking realtime… that if I insert a wire on that left grip, and a magnet on the weapon, the pose would be solid, but other than that, it works!


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