Adepta Sororitas Squad – WIP Part_3 – …Ten, and ready to go!

A last push and the prepping of the squad was finished. First came the second heavy… I kept the cable as a separate bit, and everything went smoothly!

But then I realized… The “Piety and Pain” boxset comes with a unit of Retributors (4 heavies and their Superior) but unlike the ones in the squad box, those will have extra options for the heavy weapons… Which means, I could build… three units of retributors with those bits! So I needed backpacks to be magnetized on every-one, not just the heavies. Then… I realized… I have another extra five “flying backpacks” meant for the “basic” Seraphim variant of the previous box, in which I used the slightly fancier version… So I could now have a unit of Seraphim, one of Zephyrim and either combination of Retributors, Celestians or regular Battle Sisters for the other two units of five!

As I pushed the tedium of the moldlines and the basing aside, the ten were finally done! The “proposed” mono-pose original builds were a bit on the dull side, but mixing all I have, I soon started to come out with pretty interesting alternative variants… sort of “non-permanent-conversions”!

Thinking on game builds… (As I made sense of the booklets) I can build two units of five, each with their Superior and their Simulacrum Imperialis! And they can have a “one-use-Cherub”! One moves on his own base, but since they don’t count for gameplay as anything but a token, the other is goint to be the one on the fancier Simulacrum… Just need to magnetize it, so it can be removed.

With the special weapons provided, each squad can adhere to the “Holly Trinity”… A Bolter, Flamer and Melta of some kind present, giving them special rules of some kind…

It’s looking very rainy for the next days… I might just need to keep prepping!

Placed another order of 2×1 mm. N52 magnets… And added a bunch of 2×0.5 mm. ones!


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