WIP part_5 – 40K Adepta Sororitas – Triumph of St. Katherine and Battle Sisters Squad

They got their first coats! I started just like the Zephyrims, only with more confidence, so it kind of looked better. So much so, that foreseeing how those metals could look if I weathered them, instead of the red transparent glace I did on the (dedicated) flying units… after covering the whole panels with contrast black… and having to bring the actual contrast back through drybrushing lighter grays… I should either tint red from this point, or even leave it metallic.

I chose to leave the helmeted versions on the bodies, for the best use of those pressurized cans, and like the rest of the extra bits, the other heads were painted in the same general direction, but aside. Teal on one side, lilac on the other:

Then, steel metallic in the front and back, and a zenithal of chrome:

As I got some of the “proxy bases” for the Triumph characters ready, I mixed some of the parts for a first round of “soft conversions”… Protecting the Imagifier, a Canoness, with basic gear of chainsword and bolter gun, A Dialogus, and a… Hooded badass with a powersword?

I magnetized the dove as an accessory… It also makes all protruding elements like that more safe! Nothing snaps, just detaches.


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