Saint Katherine’s Scenic Base – WIP Part_6 – 40K Adepta Sororitas

For the quite elaborate sculpted base of this HQ, I was inspired by this video by RobPaints Miniatures I found on the YouTubes…

It’s an awesome tutorial on marble, and this base in particular… But it requires, as key component the use of non-reusable cotton baby wipes of the indestructible kind… And I think those are banned because they tend to destroy water treatment plants and sewers in general, so I tried something close using steel-wool… Not the same effect, sure… But all done with three rattle cans, and it kind of works!

I want to think that I paid a little more attention to the details than the tutorial… Like some of the stones appear to have fallen from a hypothetical ceiling, so I colored those on a different color of rock… Also chosen to detail more of the tiles and such, but I think it was pretty clear those were Bloody Rose petals scattered by the Spirit of Saint Mina!

I used my teal and blue rattles over black primer to create the base tone, then I covered it with steel wool and gave it a third of pale blue rattle can… I picked out some of the details and gave it a gloss varnish layer… Then I used AK Streaking Grime, and took away the excess using turpentine.

Some miniature painters would tell you to use odorless white spirit… I don’t recomend it. The fumes of either of this things it’s quite toxic, and having it smell is actually a good reminder that you should not be smelling it at all! Use a respirator, or a well ventilated (almost open) area, and don’t leave open bottles or cleaning cups evaporating carelessly around you. Also turpentine comes from pine-trees apparently… So that has to be a bonus!

I painted rust effects using washes and as in the video, I used some Vallejo Tan Earth to wash on the missing tiles and dust-piles, but in the end it called for some extra-shadow from a concocted wash I made out of some cheap black pigment ink, flow improver and water… (Basically GW’s Nuln Oil at whatever dark intensity you choose… Not sure about the shine of the finish, because I applied and mixed Brown and Light Siena dry pigments after, and decided to matt-varnish the whole thing.


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