Adepta Sororitas 40K Army – WIP Part_7 – A touch of light bier…

I get that the cyborg babies are not the ones carrying the remains of the Matriarch… It’s hard enough to believe they can even hold those chains! But if you look under the bier (new word, there, for me) you can see some intricate machinery, and exhausts a la Seraphim. So the intention is that is being lifted off the ground Han Solo in carbonite-style…

For that, I took a deep breath, and using an approximate sized, (on the large side), circular stencil, went ahead and squirted a dash of bold teal “light” spray under the biggest dome of the underside… For which I also juggled with the possibility of painting it as a storage of blood, for the “still beating” Katharine’s heart… clearly seen inside that stasis field generator at the head of the bier. (As a member of the Ecclesiarchy should be carried head first… but nevermind…)

I then drybbrushed progressively lighter tones going to the center by mixing more and more white, and created some painted-in hard shadows with black inside the influence of the “light” in opposing direction.

I have also started basing the hearse thingy and carcass with some masking tape, a couple of rattle can metallics, (steel, chrome, copper and gold) and a touch of Montana’s transparent black… which acts like a wash of matt black. I picked some first details with either Vallejo’s Natural Steel, or Gold, and started building some TMM variation on the armor, which I intend to leave as the cleanest gold in the end.

Not much time this weekend to move the thing forward, but I’ve managed to put some paint on (or flask off) continuously for a long successful streak lately! But that made me run into a problem with my WordPress account… I seem to have ran out of space for more images! I erased some overkill turnarounds I had of my Nurgle Knight… But it’s a short matter of time that I run out again! Logic tells me that the best solution would be to create another free account and invite you all to migrate your subscription along…?


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