Triumph of St. Katherine – WIP Part_8 – 40K Space Karens

Not going to lie… I like how this is shaping to look once finished! I moved quite a bit forward on the bier and Saint Katherine’s remains. Had everything very much based and moving into washes, today…

I would have started doing further weathering and highlights, were it not for the oil-paints needing some hours to dry on some of those recesses. The Cherubs are a little behind, I used my five hues of already made AK Interactive enamel washes, to have each on a different subtle and grungy color variation. I want the skin to be more flesh-like… But thinking on leaving those wings in TMM, very much as they are…?

I then pin-washed with black oil-paint, to once mordant, remove most, but leaving the recesses and using it to build some shadows on surfaces… I also used it, strictly as pin-wash at the scenic base, to further enhance certain cracks and shadows.

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated! Planning some OSL on those candles, (And have been wanting to try small plumes of smoke made out of cotton for some time) but maybe also from the urn where the heart is stored, too, and those coils at the back could be emitting light…? I’ll most likely also darken further the lower half of the flying bier… Also highlights and further weathering, as I said. That and the Cherubs… Not going to move into the figures for a little while, it seems!


7 thoughts on “Triumph of St. Katherine – WIP Part_8 – 40K Space Karens

  1. Looking excellent. It’s so inspiring to watch how you tackle these projects. But my inner gamer is shouting ‘how could you transport such a mini for any kind of gaming event!?’


    1. Thanks! Me being me, in this case it probably won’t go many places… But being all magnetized it all fits inside a small ferro-magnetic tin box, the size of a walk-man… some paper in case it shakes and would be ready to go!


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