40K Adepta Sororitas – WIP Part_9 – Cyborg babies & 500 candles…

Some progress but haven’t moved on from the bier, yet… Tried the object source light with the candles, a soft drybrush of white, some over-brushing of Lamenters Yellow transparent yellow glaze, a dash of Vallejo Transparent Red on the flames and some GW Sunburst Yellow on the extreme highlights.

I worked the metal further, using GW’s Tin Bitz (dirty bronze?) and Vallejo Copper highlights, Retributor Armor gold for the buttons on the bed’s padding and rivets.

I moved to the lobotomized zombie flying baby cyborgs… a.k.a. Cherubs… I went crazy creating variation with a mix of GW’s contrast paints and washes: Plaguebearers Flesh (contrast light green) Guilliman Flesh (contrast insta-caucasian) and Skeleton Horde (contrast sepia) with Druchi Violet Shade and Carroburg Crimson (deep red wash) over a base of wet-blended pale green, violet and flesh that I turned into “ghetto-contrast” paint mixing Flow Improver, Matt Medium and water into the base Vallejo colors. It was really fast, organic… and opens the range of hues, if as any mix, is not great for consistency. But I’m treating the dead little angels as kind of Nurglings or Poxwalkers, where each happens to be at a different stage of let’s say… conservation. I need to build some shadow contrast on them, and repaint most of the metals, though… Too much experimentation, and the nature of contrast paints (where you try to cover a whole surface before it dries) doesn’t lend itself for me to achieve an easy neat application… Pretty happy that I didn’t mess the wings, but those scrolls need a repaint.

One more little thing… Dear inthewyrd awarded me with my award for 500 likes on this humble blog! Thank you very much to him, and any of you reading this! Probably today thanks to this post I’m also going to surpass the record mark I had, as of last year, of views and visits in that nifty stats page that WordPress loves to throw at our face. It proves that I’m active as ever! But also that I should be thankful to you all, my hobby accountability buddies! Having you coming here and taking a look at my minis is just what I needed to keep me going!


8 thoughts on “40K Adepta Sororitas – WIP Part_9 – Cyborg babies & 500 candles…

  1. Congrats on the milestone. You might consider extending the glow of the candles a bit further on the sides and down to the rim of the bier. If you do go for that, I’d thin the paint quite a bit so that it is a hint of yellow and doesn’t look too strong. After all, these areas would just barely be touched by candlelight. Even if you decide not to bother with it, the OSL effect comes across clearly and you’re doing a great job with this complicated mini thus far!

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