Triumph of St. Katherine – WIP Part_10 – Base, bier and Cherubs done!

One day without update, but that means I can do a sort of small reveal! The bier is done!

For the OSL at the candles, I extended the radius of the bright-patch to more of the horizontal surfaces, and lit up the center with pure white. Outside of that, I darkened the area by using some Nuln Oil and extended the exterior glow with some orange glaze.

Before and After:

It would have looked more realistic if I had glazed the orange towards the base of the candles, and not towards the top, as I did… Live and learn!

I went to town on the parchments! After an Offwhite drybrush and a layer of Satin Varnish (brushed) Then I mixed a bunch of decals, freehanded scripture and some drawn icons kind of representing the nature of the procession. Another layer of varnish, Aggrax Earthshade and called it done. The Cherubs… I just painted… They were all tied up using AK’s Track Wash. (enamel dark brown wash) lenses in Jade Green, cables with Contrast Black.

A look at things to come!


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Excellent work- that is really coming together now.



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  2. Kuribo says:

    The additions you made with the OSL really look nice. Good job sticking with it and looking forward to seeing more progress as well!

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  3. Ben Davies says:

    Lovely work!

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  4. Argentbadger says:

    Wow, that looks amazing. The blue glow from the hover engines (?) works perfectly. But does that mean that the cherubs are actually just there to stop the chains from drooping?

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    1. Weeeell… In my mind, they move it forward, but they are certainly not holding the weight. The sisters also wear ear-plugs, since with that wingspan the cute zombie cyborg babies probably flap like hummingbirds… Spending a week on a model gives you ground to think about such nonsense!


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