WIP Part_11 – 40K Sisters of Battle – Six nuns for six Orders

Life got in the way… But I managed to put some paint on! I started on the characters by blocking their main base colors. Since each of the Pronati sisters represents one of the main orders, carrying their relic, I decided to paint each on more or less the canon patterns of their respective order… Not easy to convey, since most are clad in head to toe robes, which hide what would be their recognizable armor colors… But I went ahead with that concept.

Not very neat so far… But it’s a start.

Also… Order of the Fiery Heart, which the nominal Katherine was head of, is an unknown to me, and couldn’t find out as to which colors they wore… And her “spirit” (the sister carrying the sword and shield) would be in those… Pity, being the one that shows more armor! I’ll go “generic” with black, red cloth and maybe extra gold…?

Worst pictures ever…


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