Triumph of Saint Katherine – WIP Part_12 – 40K Pronatus

I keep basing with plain single colors, over the shaded metallic undercoat…

50% Offwhite and Ice Yellow for the parchment, Khorne Red, Cold White, Black Templar or Retributor Armor (orangy gold) or Transparent Red for everything else… Oh, yeah Rhinox Hide (dark brown) for the leathers…

Might seem like a lot of surface, but I thing they are about 60% based if not less… There are a lot of stuff to neat up!

Untouched still, Skin, hairs for after the wash, but need to address wax, wood and silver and a lot of trinkets and details before that… And some gradient highlights and shadows on most stuff, too.


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  1. Guru PIG says:

    I wish i had the patience for the detailed work that you do.

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    1. Thanks! But you need to take a second look at all of the stuff that you accomplished… Those elders, for example, are as good as anything I achieved… While being… like… five-thousand of them?


  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Looking good- blocking in always seems the most labourious part to me.



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    1. Agreed! Paint within the lines… “Within the lines I said!!” (Opens black pot again…)


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