Penitent Engine – 40K Adepta Sororitas – Speed-painted spindly pain dreadnaught…

A little intermission on my Triumph of Saint Katherine WIP… As I went away for a family weekend I took with me this project with the firm intention of having it finished today, once I added some “fire”-effects and the basing stuff. This was an impulsive eBay grab that got to me already made and with some layers of paint… As such:

It was cheap, alright… But I don’t think it was worth it. Looking at some reviews of the kit, this is not by a long stretch the best use of the available parts (thinking on “competitive” use) It would have been a lot better as what is called a Mortifier, or an Anchorite and not this… If I had gotten the plastic sprue, on top, I would have been able to magnetize those options and get a bunch of extra bits… But ok, if I somehow needed/wanted a Penitent Engine heavy support unit, I think this is the best looking of the options… So that’s something.

I knocked it out really fast in two nights. Lot of spray use to base it, and some trims and details with my least obnoxious metal paints. One of the legs got broken, so I used that to pin it in a bit of a more dynamic pose.

Strapping a heretic or your everyday criminal to such machine and have it run among your troops wielding flame-throwers has to be among the most ludicrous concepts ever in 40K! But it looks totally terrifying, so there is that!

Missing some pigments on the base, and debating if maybe some rust, too. And since those big (cotton) flames coming out of the arms were an afterthought, they are missing a bit of OSL compared to those braziers on top. But for now, I call it finished within schedule.

Now, back to the procession…


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