40K Battle Sisters – Triumph of Saint Katherine – WIP Part_16 – Procession on the move!

And the results of an afternoon and a night working on the characters are starting to show! It was sketchy at first… I should have moved with the turpentine to clean the excess of “oil-grime” on the same day I applied it (Wednesday night) but it stayed drying all the way to yesterday, so by then, it had really stuck… As I tried to dab it off (with a brush!) the acrylic immediately started to suffer, and I bored to grey plastic in more than one place… But I managed to sculpt the light a bit on them, this way. I learnt to not let the wash dry overnight, and that I need a softer solvent other than turpentine… Maybe I need to test white spirit after all.

It wasn’t looking bad… but I have to admit that having the smooth surface I had, go a bit to waste, had my mind going into experimental-mode, low-attachment pretty fast… and so decided to test an idea I had been toying with… Use spray rattle-cans like people do with their airbrushes to paint shades over the painted areas. Here I really wished this hobby had a Control+S feature built in… because I used that rattle a bit too carelessly, and ended up spewing small droplets everywhere they didn’t belong… I should have used a stencil. It would have been so easy!

All and all… The effect looked just as I had imagined, if a bit overblown… and it kind of got everywhere when I had a moment of doubt pushing the valve… the lower pressure meant huge drops came out of the nozzle. I was like… no problem, and hit Control+… Right… I had no save! It was Control+Z time! Closest thing I have is Ethanol. So I used it to clean the worst, which didn’t do anything to fix the roughed-up acrylic layer.

It was was it was! That was my base, all layered up, and ready to highlight and detail further as much as my spirit holds!

I worked on them a good chunk of the night… This was the stage I had tirelessly been looking forward to… The “having fun” part!

More to come!


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