Finished! – Triumph of Saint Katherine – And a bit mine, too…!

Started 26 days ago, can be called finished… Or as I said of a previous stage; abandoned at an acceptable level. I could be refining and adding subtle transitions for the rest of my life to it… Or strip those nuns and start over looking for a smooth finish that I once again, botched! I do not discard the first option once enough time passes and I move on to something else… Now that I think about it… Second option might eventually happen? Or not really, better sell it, then and start with new plastic as long as the thing is in production! But then… Why would I want to prep and paint all that again!? I better not argue with future-me…

For the last (I just painted) stage I wasn’t writing down what I was painting with… But it was basically the base colors all over again, including their highlight, over the wash-darkened version of themselves, taking the reds more over-the-top using GW’s Mephiston Red and Blood Red (both bright reds) The natural flowers I added for sure need a repaint (or the sculpted ones) since I didn’t use the same red… because… Past-me was daft like that.

One final thing I had been wanting to add were those plumes of smoke coming out of the candles and the incense burner… Same trick I’ve been using in my latest projects: Mod Podge stylized cotton out of make-up discs, painted with oils, this time. Same with the handful of petals being thrown by the Pronatus Sister of the Bloody Rose. I see a pattern, here… Sometimes I’ve been adding little things, but whenever the sculptor (modeler, really) decides it’s a good idea to add some kind of static/dynamical effect… something irks me and decide it’s OK to also add a bunch of crap myself. That blue flame in all its glorious sculpted frozen moment of low resolution is calling me… I can almost hear it… “mmmmod poooodge!”

And looking at the pictures, I just realized… The book! It’s missing anything beyond the base colors… I need to scribble the hell out of it, yet!

The candles of the bier could use some plumes too… Hope to hear what you guys think about it, but I think they kind of work!? Pretty happy with the added petals, too… considering I screwed up with the red and they stick out way too much… I can fix that, tho… And looking at it, could be nice to have them as the reddest red in there, and bring the others up, instead of muting those…?

Other than the roughed up tunics, the faces of the two that are showing it are nothing to write home about… and in general I feel the scene needs deeper shadows… I’m really thinking about using black pigment and try to sculpt some negative lighting… I tried it to create dark shadows under the robes, and it kind of seemed to work perfectly for that!

Being my most serious attempt at OSL so far (had done a couple powersword glows) with the Penitent Engine in the middle of this project to hone the idea further, I’m quite satisfied with what I achieved! (The back of that black hood…) Did I do that?! I remember doing it… It wasn’t hard… And it looks great if I may say so, myself… But! The white backpack, the glow of the fiery-bit of the candle, aka flame and the wax shine is a bit hit and miss… there to remind me that I have but scratched the surface…



13 thoughts on “Finished! – Triumph of Saint Katherine – And a bit mine, too…!

  1. I think you did a great job on this one and you can always try and paint another one in the future if you feel like you can do it better. I wouldn’t sweat that though and instead, I’d try to enjoy the knowledge that this is a job well done!

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  2. Thanks! I shall! Even with the stuff that went awry the general feeling is satisfaction! I’m only a “theoretical perfectionist”, after all! I wouldn’t be able to be so haphazard otherwise… and happy accidents are part of the fun. The sad accidents; the price… 😛


  3. This looks excellent. I think that you’re probably being too harsh on yourself saying that it is just at ‘an acceptable standard’. With a project like this one it is so easy to get bogged down in details that won’t be seen without a magnifying glass.

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  4. The sheer work and detail that you’ve put into this is incredible, and I think especially the lighting effects turned out brilliant. It’s hard to pick just one thing that’s good though because this has come together so well in so many different ways. Brilliant build!

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