Ann’s Summer Solstice Painting Challenge entry! – 40k Triumph of Saint Katherine.

With the last forgotten details “really” finished, I also remembered that this piece was to be my entry on the friendly community challenge of Summer Solstice run by Ann, from Ann’s Immaterium!

For this challenge, I’m looking for pictures of whatever single model you think is the best one that you finished anytime between May 3rd and June 20th, which just happens to be the summer solstice at least in the northern hemisphere where I live. You may also do a diorama for this challenge.

So bit of both, really…

I got myself a set of really cool Montana transparent spray rattle-cans to arrive soon… I’m planning to make extensive use of those to get my next squads of Sororitas ready. So far I had only tried their black and white, and they are phenomenal! Also, compared to buying them at shops like I had been doing, it so happens that buying them online is like one third of the price! I’m all for supporting local commerce… But it’s not like they have to send a caravan to the East to bring that stuff back! Those margins could be more reasonable I would not have even considered it! They were out of yellow and orange, (bummer) but the red, blue and brown I can’t wait to test.

I finished the magnetized individual bases for the characters of the procession, too.

If I were to play… This makes it practical, as you get damaged, and climb down the characteristics table, as usual, you also progressively loose the relic-carrying sister Pronatus of your choosing, denying access to her relic’s powers. But why I really wanted to do it, it’s because my latest fad with magnets, as I finish painting more and more parts, following the same polarity, opens the possibilities of more and more “soft-conversions” to be unlocked! I find that extremely satisfying! To make an analogy, Lego sets are cool, but MOCs is where the fun is!

Also… I can “lock myself” to do detail work down to the eyes, but in my general moving around as a human being, I’m clumsy as fuck! Having MS doesn’t help, but in reality, even before the illness showed it’s face, (thanks to cannabis it has been for a decade under control without flares) my body seems longer than what the brain has mapped… In short, stuff falls. Often. And the higher you are, the harder they fall… Thanks to my latest addition to magnets on everything, I have avoided breaking “almost” anything! As the miniature hits the ground, most of the kinetic energy is dispersed by the parts separating and going their own way… But the accident I would have the most is to move my arm over and knocking some spiky bit, like a sword, banner and such, tumbling the miniature and often snapping the feeble part. I have avoided that to a 100% thanks to magnets!


4 thoughts on “Ann’s Summer Solstice Painting Challenge entry! – 40k Triumph of Saint Katherine.

  1. This is a brilliant contender for Ann’s contest. I didn’t end up running anything in the contest myself just because I’ve been too busy, but…hats off to your Triumph of Saint Katherine. This turned out great.

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