Sisters Repentia – Adepta Sororitas – Warhammer 40k

Finished this big bunch of fanatic ladies wielding two-handed chainswords and very little in the way of protection… Other than their faith, I guess!

Very happy with how they came out! They were supposed to be something to work in between drying layers of what I was dealing with… The squad of “regular Sororitas”, but once they were blocked I didn’t want to let them go until they got finished.

I failed at keeping picture record of the steps I followed, but I started with a spray-can base of skin: Red Brown, followed by Piggy Pink and a final layer of Camel Brown (?) … The skin then got a layer of Gulliman’s Flesh and a highlight glaze of Pallid Witch Flesh… The rest I just painted as usual. With a dark brown oil-wash in the middle and two semi-transparent lights coming from each back-side, using the awesome Montana Air range of paint for it. Blue Gray, Khorne Red and the usual leather, parchment and metals.

I might add some blood splatter and fresh cuts here and there…

They were not specially fun to paint, but they were varied just enough in details to keep the interest going from one to the next… And as any mob, they are imposing when all together.

Two Sister Superiors pending, they can be made two or three units of Repentia out of the lot… I got them as they are already built, from two different sellers of eBay, and since they have no gear options to choose, for me, they are the perfect kind to grab as such, at a decent discount.


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