40K Adepta Sororitas – Fully magnetized Bloody Rose Squad + Imagifier. Finished!

Took me my sweet time to do so! And something like 300 magnets to achieve it… (Patience works in mysterious ways, I drilled and glued them all, but can’t be bothered to actually count them!)

Following the instructions booklet, the variant alternatives proposed by the squad kit are as follows:

Sister Superior:

And since I also magnetized their backpacks, with some extra bits, they can be geared as Seraphim or Zephirim (The flying/jump-packed version of the Sororitas)

Battle Sister A:

But since they have all been standardized on their polarity and contact points, on top of the mentioned flying option, any of them can carry the imperialis simulacra (banner) or this one be a heavy option… or any other exotic combination!

Battle Sister B:

Battle Sister C:

Battle Sister D:

Battle Sister E:

Battle Sister F:

ttle Sister G:

Battle Sister H:

Battle Sister I:

But as much as the proposed options and poses are varied, this ones are free to be a lot more… And with some bit spares and extras from other sprues, I expect the possibilities to just keep rising!

A two squad split, each with their own Superior and Simulacra, and some grounded Seraphims as an example… A flamer and a plasma team, too… Even if rules don’t (currently, maybe) allow for it.

They suffer a bit from sand-paper texture syndrome due to the Turpentine doing its thing… But I got my hands on some proper White Spirit (which promises to be more gentle on the acrylic layers) We’ll see… I could satin varnish them and mitigate it a bit, too?


10 thoughts on “40K Adepta Sororitas – Fully magnetized Bloody Rose Squad + Imagifier. Finished!

    1. Thanks! Other than the spray cans, it was just a highlight, enamel wash, and go… The metals are either Retributor Gold or Leadbelcher, some Vallejo Silver, washed with the same AK Exhaust Wash as the rest, highlighted with themselves… The “interesting” tones come from the Montana Air Transparent sprays, blue and purple, shot laterally over the based minis.


  1. Super stuff; I’ve long been a fan of the Sisters of Battle minis (indeed, I even owned some of the old metal ones back in the mists of time) and your painting has really brought them to life. As for the magnets, I can only be awed by your patience! When I magnetised some Chaos Knights last year that was all I could bring myself to do, and that involved nowhere near 300.

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    1. Thank you! It wasn’t such a burden once you find your method… Compared to say… Moldiness. I get all the magnets hanging from my lamp in the right polarity and I let them stick flat to the back of a drill bit, apply the drop of glue there, and use it to place in the hole. I push against a flat surface so that it goes in flush. Nothing more to it, really.


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