Bloody Rose Canoness & Seraphim Squad – 40K Adepta Sororitas. And loosing my wargame virginity…

This week, in the usual, as I have time to do so… I managed to finish a unit of five monopose Battle Sisters that I sourced out of eBay… They are the ones included in the old “exclusive” Sororitas box, and that with an added Rhino tank, it’s the one basic box they are selling now. I had also overpaid a short while ago for the Canoness, which came with a broken staff, that I replaced with a Bloody Rose emblem and a purity seal. Since I have some idea about the WYSIWYG options by now, I chopped the arms of two of them, and magnetized them, and an extra option of flamer-guns and melta-guns.

Compared to the first five, this were very streamlined… and some corners were cut. But in the end, for the short time I worked them, they look pretty decent!


An eventful week this was! Past my fourth decade of life I had the luck of being introduced to a friendly local group of hobby enthusiasts, of similar kin, centered around 40K!

They have a history of GT play, and they are various degrees of hardass players… But even so, the were kind enough to be open for me to join them on their gaming reunions at a new local shop… The kind I would dream about having as a kid… With miniatures, games and tables to play them. Nerd heaven, indeed.

At my second visit to their group, I got taught the basic ropes of ninth edition Warhammer 40.000 by an awesomely patient Tau player who no doubt did it for the Greater Good…

I brought my Primaris Mentors, out of the Indomitus box, changing the Judiciar dude, for the Librarian conversion/magnetic option, for a total of 44 power level things… My opponent grabbed a bunch of clearly more technologically advanced minions out of his suitcase, and again, in an amazing display of patience walked me through getting my force squashed while at the same time teaching me what was going on. We played something called “an Eternal War mission”, Once every bonus was explained to me a couple dozen times, I managed to get right the “dice roll” I needed 30% of the time.

In the end… Space Monkeys OP, so by the start of turn 4, the passage of time had run its course, and apparently taking a not specially fast learner to that takes quite a lot of it, so we had to call it quits to resume life on the 2K. But by then, I was saying… the difference in points wasn’t that stark, considering I was a fumbling noob. Best thing is that I had a lot of fun, and hopefully I didn’t made my opponent’s evening too miserable. I was told I could come back, so that’s promising!

I’ll try to REALLY watch some tutorials in this next days, and hopefully join them with my shit a bit more together…


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Love what you have done with the sisters.



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    1. Thanks! I’m thrilled that they might be even put to use!

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  2. Guru PIG says:

    Great painting as usual. Good to see that you have graduated from observer to noob!

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  3. Kuribo says:

    Glad to hear you got a game in and had a blast doing so. That is what every new player’s experience should be like! I hope we’ll see plenty more painting from you in the near future as a result too 🙂

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    1. Thanks! If anything it’s an incentive to keep doing what I enjoy!

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  4. Argentbadger says:

    Great painting on those Sororitas, you must have quite a force of them by now.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first game too. For me, painting and gaming are two great individual hobbies that combine to be ‘more than the sum of their parts’.


    1. It’s getting there! The whole army list part, even with battle scribe its puzzling… Lots of troops needed for all those elites!


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