Amalia Novena – 40K Adepta Sororitas Sister Superior. (named pin-up sister)…

Because I’m afraid that is all she stands for… She was an appetizer poster-girl released as the first of the new range of Battle Sisters. She got a name and all… But as any “exclusive” Primaris Lieutenant, named or not, she doesn’t hold any special rules or anything.

What makes this lady special is the quality of her sculpt… Well, and the over-the-top scenic base and bare gear (a bolter and nothing else.) Her armor doesn’t exactly follow the standard of the rest of the range, though… More ornate in various places, and sporting gauntlets instead of the usual leathery gloves.

I painted her, as the rest, on the scheme of the Bloody Rose order, with the non-canon but cool-looking white hair I gave all of them (Martyred Lady are the ones with that, originally) She got magnetized, too… So although one arm is “locked”, holding that Inquisition rosary thing, I can put a nice melee weapon on her right, and a holstered bolter on the backpack, or the opposite.

She came out extra-fast! Done in barely a day and some… I tried some OSL on her, too, coming from those candles. So-so result. I finished the thing with some painted paniculata flowers I harvested from a dried-out bouquet my wife got a couple of months ago.


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  1. Shawshank says:

    Oh cool! Great paint job!

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  2. Guru PIG says:

    Wow! Excellent work.

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  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    That is a wonderful paint job.



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  4. Argentbadger says:

    Nice paint job. I think the model was released as a tribute to one of the early classic posters of the Adeptus Sororitas; hence the slightly understated pose and armament.

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    1. So literally a poster girl!


  5. Kuribo says:

    This is a great sculpt and an excellent paint job. I really like the flowers on the base. They are a nice touch to any Sisters model.

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