Taddeus the Purifier – Adeptus Ministorum Preacher – 40K / Blackstone Fortress Character.

I’m on a roll! My second named character in a row! With the intention of clearing out any sprues or rescues I had before starting on that Piety and Pain box, I have been painting regularly more than ever! I had fun with this bastard looking… well, bastard. But his actual lore goes like this:

Taddeus has spread the Imperial Cult across the Galaxy for many years, working alongside both Planetary Governors and Imperial Guard commanders. Known for his incorruptible nature, in truth bringing the justice of the faithful to those loftiest of individuals is the one true joy Taddeus indulges in. Taddeus sees images in the pyre-flames of the heretics he burns, and whilst burning a Imperial Navy Sailor for spreading rumors of a Blackstone Fortress witnessed a vision that demanded he travel to the Western Reaches to carry out the Emperor’s mission. This has led him to Precipice and the Seventh Blackstone Fortress.

Guided by his visions, Taddeus brought his acolyte Pious Vorne with him and worked alongside Janus Draik in uncovering the Fortress’ mysteries. He has contracted Draik to recover the Ecclesiarchy relic that is believed to be aboard the vessel known as the Eye of Hermius. Taddeus believes this relic could close the Great Rift.[3]

Thing is he also has 40K rules… And so he can field with an Adepta Sororitas list… as a preacher, somehow. Not that it doesn’t make sense! Is just that figuring lists out still evades me.

The blending on the robes doesn’t look all that hot on the pics, but it was all very free-flowing, fast… and quite fun. The chest “arch-generator” thingy is supposed to be glowing… I think it needs a brighter core to sell the effect more, but not sure how to get in there without making it a purgatory.

As I look now, at other people’s rendition, the two slits at the top of the mace’s handle were made to glow, representing the energy-weapon nature of the thing… I’m totally picking that out, as soon as I uncork that blue ink again!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Wonderful paint job.




  2. Kuribo says:

    This is a cool mini and I like your unconventional color choices. I agree that you will need to go with a pretty light blue to get the glowing effect across. I would glaze that same color towards the core in the surrounding area to help get the effect across too.

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