La Celestina! – Zaphiriel Ascended Resurrectrix – Raging Heroes. 40K Saint Celestine Proxy.

My dear wife’s self-present* for my birthday!

What a pretty sculpt, isn’t she? If ever a proxy sculpt was better than the “original”, this is such case. And not just cheaper! (missing the accompanying Geminae Sisters, that I sourced off eBay) but the whole concept is better looking and more interesting than the “official” GW counterpart. Bit messy to clean up… but a nice fit of parts (Pinned those wings, of course. )

The detail is crisp were it counts, but the objective quality of the miniature is inferior. But is still way more sculptural, expressive, and so I would argue successful!

The idea was that the wings, and the Saint herself, are an energy manifestation of the dead sister, that took her armor and carried on.

I had an idea to further develop in which she would be raining (dried flowers) red roses out of blood drops… make the wings seem to glow (I would need to kind of reverse the values…) and have a GW Zephirim’s backpack broken apart, fixed to the wings, as if they appeared suddenly… and substitute the sci-fi gun for a bolter-pistol. The dead maiden could be wearing those “matrix-ports” that the canon sculpts have… Maybe one day.

The “official” one.
This one, presented crisp as it can be… 😛

Mine looked like this before painting…

*She did approve the purchase, liked the mini… And went as far as to say, “But don’t sell this one!” Leaps and bounds from painting Nurgle, let me tell you…!


7 thoughts on “La Celestina! – Zaphiriel Ascended Resurrectrix – Raging Heroes. 40K Saint Celestine Proxy.

  1. Great job on this lady! I want to like Raging Heroes sculpts more than I do. The quality isn’t quite as good as they advertise even if their designs are often jaw-dropping. This is a great example of that. Its like they took an idea that GW created but made it way better!

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    1. Agreed! They have more of a hand-made feel to the shapes… And the design, while unoriginal, (fits a role) is more brave. To be fair, what annoyed me is common to almost every resin model… Flask, brittleness and certain angles “shadowed” of detail… But thankfully no slippage or bubbles.

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