Adepta Sororitas Rhino APC – 40K Transport. Order of the Bloody Rose.

My first tank! I had converted an eBay rescue one to Nurgle previously, but this is the first one I put together. (Not counting a 1:42 Sherman I had put together when I was maybe 10) Judging by what can be bought online, second hand, I thought it had to be a somewhat hard to assembly model… It is not.

The bare simplicity of it, for the price of this things it’s a bit bonkers… Any cheap historical model has tons of more detail and mechanical nuance than this. But none are as cool as this dystopian church on tracks, somehow… But the Rhino needs a renovation!

Not enough options, either. Now that I’m tipping my toes into gaming, the prepping philosophy I’m following lately of magnetizing every option possible and some else for rule of cool, had me learning the Rhino can be equipped with a heavy bolter and one-use missile, or barebones. Well, the missile can be detached of its mount, and that could work, but the no-bolter wasn’t so clear… I ended up casting two extra hatches with Oyumaru and cheap two-part epoxy resin. They are a bit rough on the edges… I’d say almost Finecast quality, so workable. Mixed with some Lego pieces, I also added magnets to the side-doors, bumper and top-hatch. (There are no sponsons on this Sororitas tanks, but I like the options) It could eventually turn into an Inmolator… or maybe even a Castigator?

I also made some antennae out of heated sprue… and that was it for customization.

Painted all base with rattle cans… tried my best at some brushed OSL effects here and there, used enamel and powder pigments to weather it… Dirty, but quite new-looking…


7 thoughts on “Adepta Sororitas Rhino APC – 40K Transport. Order of the Bloody Rose.

  1. Excellent work on this. I love the interior too. Little details like that really bring the whole thing to life. I remember when the vehicles were basically hollow inside and that was never as satisfying to build and paint 🙂

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