Screaming Space Karen! – 40k Adepta Sororitas Retributor Superior – magnetized mini.

This is the last one, for sure before I totally run out of space in the gallery… I’ll be erasing some turn-around and non-hobby related stuff, maybe.

I might be getting the hang of the scheme really down, but also, the individual treatment makes this last ones look much better than the ones painted on batches. Although for the next four Retributors I intend to paint them together… We’ll see.


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  1. Guru PIG says:

    Amazing work as always. I love the composition and animation. You must be a graphic artist!!

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    1. Thanks! As a matter of fact… Yes. Although in the middle of transitioning to Forensics and Thanatopraxy due to the precarious local industry of TV, film and animation. Would love to paint miniatures for a living, but very still large people will do. 🙂 About to maybe sign a pilot and then series about Historical battles, doing animations, but nothing sure.


  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Very nice- like the hooded head best.



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    1. Thanks! That’s the one on the shelf, although the gear (I think) makes her fitting for a Canoness and not a Superior… those are technicalities.

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  3. Azazel says:

    Really nice work here again – I agree with Pete – the hooded head is my favourite of the bunch, and as always, I’m mightily impressed by your magnetic wizardry!

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