Morvenn Vahl – Abess Sanctorum, Supreme Warlord and High Lord of Terra. NMM experiment.

And last but not least, I finished all my grey plastic with this last present from a good friend. For a good while, she’ll mark the end of my Adepta Sororitas army, putting it above way 2.000 points, for gaming purposes. Thanks to the goodfellas of Club Shadowsun, here at Santiago de Compostela, I played my second (test)-game of Warhammer 40K. Fielding my Sororitas this time! I almost knew what was going on, this time! (In short, Battle Sisters might not be the most noob friendly army out there) Rites, strategies, convictions, hymns, auras, blessings, synergies… a bit much.

So… I got the supreme Space Karen Manager! A really cool new-“ish” model of the nun above all nuns, riding her over-compensating suit, lance and bolter-arm and a couple of shoulder-mounted missile pods. She’s supposed to be a beast in-game, for the points.

I decided to move outside of my comfort zone yet again with this one, and pushed by the example of other people on the gaming group, once I had it sketched, I went ahead and tried my first NMM (non-metallic metal) on the figure.

Still, I had to cheat… I absorbed a couple of tutorials on the subject and applied all possible shortcuts I could (other than using oil-paints for those transitions) It was not all decided before-hand, since it seemed the mini was really asking for it once I had sketched the lights… It looked too good with just priming, zenithal, enamel wash and the directional lights I gave it to slap shiny paint on it… I wanted more control than that.

Credit where credit is due… The breakthrough was all thanks to this tutorial:

I had been experimenting this whole year with transparent spray-cans to achieve “subtle” environmental ambient-light… All my sororitas are sporting a purple light-source from the bottom-left, and a blue from the bottom-right, but inspired by that tut, I decided to push the contrast and rely more on those, using the spear to justify the intense red.

In fifteen minutes, not counting drying time of the white spirit, I had a sketch that I kind of liked more than all those other things I painted before it. (maybe novelty, maybe the fact that it never shown me the ass-face stage, and it was a “you could leave it as is, from the beginning”) But it was so easy to do, that I moved to paint all the details, give it color and decided to redo the effect once that was finished.

Pretty happy with how it turned out! Specially for being painted in two days! The NMM was definitely abandoned at an “enough already” stage… But for dipping my toes it was a satisfactory experience.

Looking at the pictures, I realized I called it finished a bit too soon… (no, this one doesn’t need smoke and fire) but I once again left those scrolls without text, the eyes need some pupil and the joystick’s screens and couple of lights on the bolter can use some contrasting green glow.



7 thoughts on “Morvenn Vahl – Abess Sanctorum, Supreme Warlord and High Lord of Terra. NMM experiment.

    1. I’m torn with NMM… I love it when others do it… And it’s great practice! But the effort seems overkill when there is a perfectly good alternative that takes a fraction… And you still have effects, skins and all sorts of things where to apply all those layers… and times…


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