Canoptek Reanimator – 40K Indomitus Necrons – Not a Martian Tripod…

…in that it has four legs.

Right after the murder-cans I started working on this War of the Worlds style multi-legged gangly robotic monster-thing.

I had lots of little times with this one, over the week. I followed the scheme, correcting the unneeded steps. I worked the OSL from very early, and ended up building shadows by hand on many places. It was very painterly! The result is neither smooth, crisp, nor clean… But I think the contrast and hue really work!

Rules-wise the thing sucks… and it’s too expensive. But it helps reanimate more undead Egyptian killer robots from outer space! Just not enough… But that might change. And it’s on the fast side, being positive. What can’t be denied is that is a pretty cool looking sculpt!

While working on this one, I decided weapon’s energy things would be green. So I changed the hue of the “open-eyed” Cryptothrall accordingly.



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