Sandstone Necrons – Kryptothralls. Ufesa & Fagor. 40K Undead Egiptian Robots from Outer Space…

Almost falling behind on the updates again… Much busier right now, but still managing to scratch some hobby time as of late!

No sistahs left on the pile, I moved to slap some paint on those Indomitus Necrons that came in the box… I took Midwinter Minis’ scheme for Sandstone Necrons as a base… Tweaked it a bit, refined it, cheated… And ended up very happy with the result, all and all… Added more contrasting hues to the mix, some lights… some dark inners, bit of OSL, some lightning. Could be taken, like the original, to an even speedier standard, but since I had lots of little moments to work on this cans, they were highlighted way more intentionally than what I’m used to. Edges, and such…


Over a zenithalled base, I applied the crackle… that was an oversight, to be corrected, but least it had something to adhere. I applied a sand color with MTN spray, and some transparent Siena undershading off a can… Bit unneeded. Then AK’s Streaking Rust, washed with mineral spirit. Makeup drybrush over it of some bone, and prepped the to-be-bright with acrylic and oil pin-wash. Black Templar Contrast on the joints and techie parts, Incubi Darkness on the blades, and used as highlight over the black.

Then I applied the “spray light”, red and purple transparent on each side… Easy and flashy!

The rest was light… I used drybrushing, wet-blending and pin-washes of Vallejo transparent Blue, and Blue-Green adding white to highlight it. Basing was taken care using only dry pigments, fixed with white spirit.


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those look great- I’ve a few of them to experiment on which I’m looking forward to.



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  2. Argentbadger says:

    They look super. That sandstone look takes the glowing blue effect beautifully.

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  3. Kuribo says:

    These came out well and I think that is a subtly cool color scheme. Its nice to see people coming up with fresh color schemes for Necrons as it used to be steel and bright green or bust!

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