Necron Overlord – Indomitus 40K Necrons.

I finished their boss robot dude! Keeping with the inspired Midwinter Minis’ scheme of Sandstone Necrons. It came out flashy!

It’s starting to get old… but… I think… My last, my best! I got very inspired by the glowy bits, and worked the rest in a very painterly fashion, minding contrast a lot… But it can still be called a speedpaint, really… I am not to become a Flameon anytime soon! Or Kuribo, for an example of excellency closer to our familiar faces!

Well, this is it…

Beloved Midwinter Minis (Guy?) is green/blue colorblind himself, but I think the green really adds. Talking of which… I forgot to add the dark deep green I had planned for the grooves of the weapon, with maybe a pinlight of bright green… And I want something to be crushed under his slightly raised right foot… eventually. Maybe.

Looking at them together, this Necron force might have me liking this army a lot!



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