Cryptek Plasmancer – 40K Indomitus Necrons.

I’ve been wanting to try a little something-something for some time, now…

Mixing Midwinter Minis’ sandstone-necrons and The Warsinger’s style of hot-glue and wire magic(al) effect techniques. I also tried out some of that Tesseract Glow GW technical paint I got… It came out to be exactly like the glazed Vallejo fluor green I’ve been using. I think the contrast might have gotten a bit lost in the process of working up the light effects, and although a final black pin-wash helped a bit, it could probably use some manual shadows reinforcement. Overall pretty happy with it! Sculpting with a glue gun remains as iffy as last time I tried it… But working over the shaped wire really made matters easier… And may I say so, the lightning being the rough shape of the pointing hand, methinks looks pretty cool!



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