Glowy sandstone Necron Warriors. – 40K Indomitus Necrons.

And that’s twenty warriors all painted in six days… Pretty fast considering the short bursts of hobby I could manage. As usual with this kind of all the same troops (not even the usual this has a strap here, the other has a coat kind of thing) I wished I had more of this guys… I think I could have painted a hundred of them in very much the same time. But this were the ones I had, from the Indomitus boxset, now just missing the big Destroyer Lord, waiting for the missing head to arrive.

I think I got the hang of the glow a little better on the gauss Flayers and Rippers, so I also retouched the Royal Warden, to look the part.

I’m very much in love with those transparent colors I used to spray the red, purple and green once I had them based… Also the transparent white I use for the initial zenithal. The range of those Montana cans is not huge, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Red and Brown. I need to get one or two that are running out, but at this pace, with how cheap and effective they are, I don’t think I’ll ever get an airbrush…

This was by far my most productive year… Ever. I finished more stuff, or rivaling with what I had previously painted in my whole life!


10 thoughts on “Glowy sandstone Necron Warriors. – 40K Indomitus Necrons.

      1. Oh, Makes me really happy that any of this can be of any help to anyone! Let me, then, share with you the green one, too…
        The base of the cylinder was bronze, same one as on the chest glyph. Then a heavy drybrush of GW’s Warp Lightning. (or any deep transparent green with glaze-medium) Orbs painted white, then an oil pin-wash of white to define the receded lines.
        GW’s Tesseract Glow, (Or Fluor Green with some flow-improver) once dry, (give it day and a hairdryer) over the lines and around the orbs. White drybrush over, centered around the orbs, but let it “spill” a bit. Then a drybrush of Tesseract Glow (or equivalent) over. Here, I used the same brush I used for the white, and when they mixed it made it work much better! (so a 1 to 5 of matt white for that final touch) The orbs where finished with a dub of White Glace. But I imagine for a hero character, I would then maybe do another pass of white drybrush just on them, and glaze over a mix of green and yellow Fluors… and then the dub of white glaze.

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