40K Dark Eldar – Piety & Pain Drukhari – Black Neon Heart Wytches – Venom

I cracked on with the Drukhari sprues! This ship thing was calling me… I went with a crazy UV neon scheme, mixed with the classic Black Heart armor for the troopers… but made out of UV paints, for extra 80’s! This thing was fun to paint! Base of spray, shaded and pin-washed with oils, I tried some color-shift, but applying it with a brush was a total failure, and it’s just some glitter over the hull. The usual transparent sprays for atmosphere once based, and then I did some edge highlights, but mostly drybrush and GW Contrast (or self-made ones).

I got that Necron head I was missing to finish that Destroyer Lord spider-robot and finish that Indomitus box with a nice family picture!

The Wytches are magnetized, so they will be able to be used as two extra troops, using those extra knives as the missing arm that is attached to the rail… and remains there unfortunately, spoiling the chance of a nice picture of the vehicle without passengers.

There is a decent OSL painted on the pilot, but then, I glazed transparent colors on the canopy… while the green gradient on it looks very pleasing, it was barely translucent anymore, so I applied some yellow neon over it… works in reverse as the “base” and it makes that green extra poppin’!

I magnetized also the weapon options of the vehicle itself… Has a gun and a double barreled gun. I know nothing of Dark Eldar weaponry, but I think they involve sharp things, poisons a lot of pain. I used one of the rear fins on the spare, and went with the pointy chains. For rails, it offered the tall one, or the edgy skulls, with nowhere to hold for the passengers, so I crudely made a mix of the two.

And maybe a bit absurd if you are not an insect, but the thing looks intense under UV light…


10 thoughts on “40K Dark Eldar – Piety & Pain Drukhari – Black Neon Heart Wytches – Venom

    1. Thanks! Two cheap rattle cans, (purple and fluor pink) and a wash of mineral spirit with black, red and blue peas of oil-paint. Bit of a drybrush on the edges with purple or magenta, then transparent spray of purple, red and blue from each side and another dash of the fluor pink spray on the tips.


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