Necron Skorpekh Destroyer Lord & Finished 40K Indomitus Necrons!

Last of the big bad robots! I had to wait for the oil pin-wash to dry, and some washes… but other than that I think it took me just about two hours to paint this one! That has to be a personal record! I had the scheme totally down from all the previous ones, with that Drukhari Venom in the middle as a pallet cleaner, while waiting for the head of this one I had (wanted) to source after I had the one lost, and by now, sure, long ago vacuum’d away.

Some patches of crackle paint. A zenithal prime, drybrush bone, contrast black on the joints and gun, streaking rust, cleaned with mineral spirit, contrast medium and incubi darkness over the blades/talons, white over the orbs and glowy parts, purple and red transparent spray from each side, and a dash of green transparent rattle over the gun area. The body then, got light wash with contrast medium mixed with skeleton horde (contrast sepia) Then a pin-wash of white oil-paint over the ridges. Once dry, Vallejo transparent Blue or Warp lightning, white drybrush on the glowy parts, and a glaze over with either tesseract glow or more of the blue. Another round of a smaller white drybrush, and over, either more tesseract glow or a mix of the blue ink and matt white. At the top, some pure white. I manually applied, then, spare edge highlights and glazed shadows with either pale yellow or black patina.

I got the visual palette concept and crackle idea from Midwinter Minis’ Sandstone Necrons, but that recipe up there, is a different beast.

And with that, now that I know how to do it efficiently, this whole Necron army of around thousand-ish points could be finished in maybe a week? Maybe less, could even be a 24 hours kind of thing to this standard… But stuff has to dry, realistically. And models put together! It took me way more, bit over a month, I think, on real-life hobby-time. They look so “happy” together! Really bright and contrasty.


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  1. Azazel says:

    Awesome and impressive work, my friend. When I was reading the recipe I saw SO much drying time in there so you’ve done amazingly well to have it done in the time you’ve been working on them regardless.

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    1. Cheers! The PVA on the bases on top of that! 😛 It really lends itself for batch-painting. I think the warriors look as good as any other, and those twenty took about the same time of the characters being treated individually.


  2. Argentbadger says:

    Top notch painting. I love how colourful your Necrons are.

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  3. Kuribo says:

    Very nice work on these and its awesome seeing all of the Necrons together. When you get on a hot streak with hobbying, you get stuff done quick, mate! 🙂

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    1. Not going to lie… It has given me a lot of joy in this weirding times!

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  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    That is fantastic- love it.



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  5. This is a very impressive force well done!


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