Another Squad of Nuns. Let’s update!

Hmmf… This blog has been falling behind my production! This gals were chopped and magnetized as the previous ones. I also converted two simulacrum imperialis (banners) since I already had the two vanilla versions provided.

The paint-scheme ended up cleaner, but also brighter than the previous ones… Skipping the cheap dark-red primer I had used, the surface was smoother and the detail was all there. At this time I have so many special and heavy weapon options, that I did not paint all of the ones prepared… The heavy flamer, instead, a precious part, got lost.

With this ones, missing a couple creepy angels and two penitent engines I recently traded, I very much have painted all the Adepta Sororitas stuff I had. I’m subscribed to the Imperium thing, so I’ll end up with more gray plastic… But for now, and for a good while, I call the army finished. I went way over 2.000 at this point, and even took them to be defeated on a proper tournament!

I’ll soon post images of the whole project completed.


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