Necrons Lokhust Heavy Destroyer.

Same scheme… This one goes into my own list. Bit of a wilder OSL from the antigrav thrusters. Using White oil-paint pin-washes as foundation, and a mix of clear and fluor colors carelessly applied directionally or as drybrush really get the effect across. Were it not for two passes of white spirit, that take time to evaporate, this is insultingly fast to do. I used some metallic blues on the engine, too.


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  1. Guru PIG says:

    Looks great.

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  2. Azazel says:

    Very cool work on this one e!

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  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    That looks great. OSL is something I need to work out how to do.



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    1. Worth experimenting! It’s not like NMM, in that it looks crap before it’s finished… It is like it, in that to master it likely takes a lifetime and an innate understanding of the inverse square root. Unlike it, even if not perfect, will add and not detract, imo

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