Nurgle Plague Drones – A commission of eighteen, done!

From our gaming group came this ones, two full units of nine models, to be painted on the style of my own plaguebearers. They were a speed-paint that I had later treated with three-points color directonal-“lights” (aka straight squirts of transparent spray) So this took relatively little time… 12 days on spare bursts.

Just missing the bases, that the client is getting finished. (Some very nice swamp themed ones, full of vegetation and using fancy transparent resin.) That we’re going to fill with mucus, and also find a way to used such bodily fluids to hold the minis and get rid of those ugly transparent rods.

I need to rethink my tariffs, but this good gentleman well deserves a bargain… Also, to have misjudged the time and material a commission would take, I’m glad it was something as forgiving and familiar as Nurgle.


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