Necron Immortals Commission. Ukranian proxies, finished!

Another commission completed for my client’s Necron army… Painted as by his specifications, in a green-metallic scheme, with buffed gold for the armors, making use of all the tricks in my ghetto OSL arsenal. A ten-days work on this, doing a little bit every day. The example dude got finished in a single session once the oils dried enough, it was then a matter of doing it again fifteen times over, optimizing along the way.

They are definitely heavy on the green… Not the choice I would have picked, but in the end, I like how ghostly they seem… Sort of remind me to those Fantasy “nightgaunts” or the “indentured ghosts” of PJ’s LOTR last movie.



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  1. Guru PIG says:

    They look great!

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  2. These are great! Are the cloaks / robes standard or have they been converted? Look cool either way

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    1. Cheers! The brand is called “Wargame Exclusive”, the weapons are from GW immortals and a bunch of Nº1 issues of Imperium magazine…

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