Sold the nuns and couldn’t be happier!

The auction came to a sudden end… Even though I didn’t plan of accepting offers, since I was counting on your typical last-minute snipes, to get some bids, and rise as much as it could in the last of times.

Nothing to be ashamed of… If you make the comitment of putting down a grand and a half for the initial bid, can be somewhat annoying being surpassed at one buck at a time increments.

But as I was saying the unexpected happened when I was made a very generous offer through DM… I activated the option, and voilá, the kind soul was true to his word, payed the offer, and I gladly accepted it. Hope he doesn’t mind me saying it, but 2.700$ was the total. How cool is that!?

I still have a bit of a hard time mixing art and money… Not that I find it totally obscene, but borderline. I need to remember that it is not really a business model at all! This took a long time to be finished, and I would starve like a romantic poet, most likely, if I wanted to live solely on it.

That there are people out there, able and willing, to patron artists like me, with their hard-earned money, for my time, sure, but doing something I love and enjoy!

I’m a bit teary eyed… Another watcher has just booked a commission with me, to paint and prep for them, a pre-decided list, in the same fashion.

And if that wasn’t enough, I got a new job, in tanatopraxy! A temporal one… But if things keep going this well with the whole selling miniatures thing I’ve been doing… I might need to get some tax stuff looked at… Because having gone over 5.000$ in the last month, I suspect the state is going to want some of that.

Aaaand totally run out of space for more pictures…


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