Adepta Sororitas commission army WIP – Part 1. Celestine, Exorcist & Rhinos.

Work has started on the army I got commissioned to prep and paint, based on my previous, by an ebay watcher who didn’t got a chance to enter the fray after it got snatched by someone else through a direct offer…

He gave me a list, I estimated the cost, posted a listing, and used the money to get the minis… I was short again, both in time and money, but not by much, I think… I got renewed confidence on knowing I could do it, but I should have estimated better how much of a cut both ebay and taxes would take… In the end it ends just about worth doing it. But payed up-front… Which comes with absolute resolution of doing it, and the con of by that time, for sure, having just the memory of having gotten something out of it.

Building models is not my cup of tea as of what the fun part of the hobby is… I don’t like mold-lines, and every option and some, gets magnetized. Can’t wait to start painting, but knowing myself, I better prep everything as fast as I can, and get it out of the way, asap.

First, I started on the tanks… The Exorcist, has a big part of the “missile-organ” embedded on the chassis, so while it can sort of work, its “Rhino vesion” is not great. I magnetized the hunter-seeker missile pod, the cherubs, bumper, and pilot; with arms, head and backpack. They are not options per se, but the posability I feel is a plus… And those extended arms and “church-helmet” will give some nice alternative builds for some of the other characters! And the cherubs can be “incensor” or “munitorum” for other squad.

The Rhinos I perfected from my previous… While on that one I had casted with bluestuff a copy in epoxy of the closed hatch and missile base, for this ones, I managed to use the same parts for both opened and closed configurations. I skipped the magnets on the side-doors since they served no purpose, but kept the magnet option to open the roof-doors, because although they offer no playability, it really helps if you want to take a peak inside. I prepainted the interior and had the pilots magnetized as the previous one, including alternate helmeted and bare heads.

Those out of the way, I went for the flyers. Prepped Celestine and her two Geminae (no options, there… ) But I tried keeping the living saint’s wings magnetized, for transportation mainly… But failed, and they ended up glued. Yesterday I started working on the ten Zephyrim/Seraphim.


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Amazing work- It will be great to follow along this army’s progress too.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Marathon ahead!


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