Adepta Sororitas. Commission army – Part 2. Wings & Characters.

The paper said a squad of Zephyrim and one of Seraphim (the melee and ranged versions of the flying nuns) but that is not why you would pay me to prep an army, so instead I went with magnetization options, allowing to field ten of any, or two units of either combination with their own Sister Superior (lieutenant role) together with options for a banner and the extra special hand-flamers and melta-guns they can get. The backpacks are fixed, and chose the fancy ones for all of them, exchanging the ugly transparent rod for a more subtle wire, after consensus with the client.

Not considering the monopose ones I just painted, this was the fourth time going over the kit… and while it’s subtle, I can tell they come out better if I had prepped them before.

In that line I got another crack at the Palatine (champion) character model. It comes with option for a bare or helmeted head, bolt-gun or plasma-gun… with an energy-sword in her scabbard. I magnetized the options, and the scabbard as an extra, so it can wear something else there and use a sword. The left is holding a trinket, so made that magnetized and a gun can be used there.

The next ones were all new for me… The “special edition” Canoness I got a chance to prep for the first time, so while it brought no options, I left it ready to take any. As I get to the end, plenty will be available.

The Dialogus (chaplain) got head, hands and backpack magnetized… No options on paper, and the base-size would be wrong, but it makes for an awesome alternate Canoness, or some other proxy idea.

The Dogmata (“commisar?”) had me worried, with that pose she has… But I got it right and it can wield either the two-handed mace, or be used as some other special sister, with other, hand-only options, head or backpacks. I almost got it so two Dogmati could be made, once I had upper-arms ready, but the extra-part got the wrongly-polarized magnet of the bunch… and it’s tight. Could get it re-sculpted, but I’m backlogged as it is!

And last so far, an Hospitaller (medic). The head is “baked-in” on this one… But I placed magnets for the arms and backpack, and an arm and head of the casualty. Even a bigger base to be used as anything that is not a Hospitaller, really… But they look awesome in other places, too. Like that helmet with sculpted interior! That got an “ear-magnet” and works with that Palatine, for example…


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