Adepta Sororitas army commission. Part 3 – Prepping Morvenn Vahl, Repentias & Sacresants.

Moving along! Quite some left if I look just at raw numbers… But those will be the familiar by now Sisters and Dominions kits. What I have tackled already are my first Repentia Sisters (barely dressed chainsaw-wielding berserkers) from sprue, and also my first Celestian Sacresants (Shield maidens). And another round at Morvenn Vahl…

The big Mecha-Nun got (little) arms, Spear and head magnetized. She has no gear options beyond the optional head-swap, but having the spear detach comes handy for transportation… The rest just for the rule of cool.

The Repentias themselves have no options to be magnetized, but for their Superior I accesorized everything. Holstered whip/pistol included… So another versatile sister body gets added.

The Sacresants kit, being one of the lastly released for the Sororitas range at present is actually fantastic. Not as rich in options as the flyers (extra bare heads), and a tad “monoposy” were it not for the magnet treatment. But they look dynamic, varied within style and crisp mold… If must be said that whoever overseas the algorithm output of the sprue layout, could do something about those gates often being in the worst possible placement, right by an area that will end up covered during assembly.

The Superior has gun options, and they can all wield either mace or halberd.

Am I worried about the thirty-five missing miniatures to prep, considering how long it took me to get to this point? Yes I am.


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