Adepta Sororitas commission army. Part 4. Fully prepared!

Took me my sweet time to get them all to this stage, but it was worth it… All mold-lines nicely cleaned, all options drilled and magnetized! All based, too…

Cherubs were not really paid for, but it didn’t feel right not to include them… I prepped the one, converted another to be magnetized on top of a simulacrum, the two from the Dominions squad, and added one made from a simulacrum and another from the Immolator tank I had… And now that I think of it… The ones from the Exorcist tank are also magnetized, so they only need a base to be used as Incensor or Armorium cherubs with another squad.

The versatility of three boxes of Sisters plus one of Dominions, with 9 of each special weapon in case Celestians are to be deployed… and all heavy guns prepped; which allows for three Dominion squads in total, each with their superior, plus four units of five sisters or celestians, also each with a superior and a simulacrum.

At this time they have all been primed in nice Citadel Chaos Black, and are being zenithaled with White transparent ink spray and a dash of matt white.


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