Adepta Sororitas. Bloody Rose commission army. WIP – Part 5 – Spray basing.

After a short family trip to Paris, I’m back at the project… It was great fun, and got to visit my first Warhammer shop, where I added some stuff, and new paints for later. Snatched some grimdark reference in there, too!

But before that, I got to base everything over the black and white zenithal with the main color of each subassembly. Using multiple tones, where possible: The red armor and hulls, got a base of dark red primer (SPSIL), a top coat of GW’s Mephiston Red spray, and a final top highlight with Montana Vivid Red. Where metal was going to be the most of it, a cheap but nice Aluminium spray… And for gold, the really great Montana’s Gold Metallic Effect Paint spray. For the Repentias, I did the same as before, and went with the skin as base. Used the same deep red first, but went over it with Montana’s Piggy Pink.

I got to use again that discovery I made a couple projects ago… A very cheap air-drying paste sold at Chinese bazar’s here, (for about 1 to 1,5€ 60 grams) and it really weights nothing… once dry, peals right off, and doesn’t leave residue! It’s the perfect masking material… And for other stuff, too. It’s light, flexible… bouncy once dry, but extremely malleable fresh. feels like a cross of EVA-foam and plasticine to the touch.

After all that, they had plenty of time to dry, as we went on that trip… Once back, all the prepping stuff got in the box, got the self-made wet-palette out, and the real painting started… Decided to do the tanks, first, batched, but just them. Start to finish. Starting with Vallejo’s Black, and some potted Mephiston Red.

To be continued…


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