Part 7 . Finished Morvenn Vahl V2. Bloody Rose commission army.

With her, I took out, in total: 620 of the 2.260 list. Judging by numbers, rest ahead seems way more grindy… But today I finished my second go at the supreme nun of the Battle Sisters… Abess Sanctorum, they call her, of the Adepta Sororitas. But wearing a Bloody Rose Order scheme, because she can.

As a guide on how to achieve a similar effect: I started with the usual zenithal white, masked for later, and applied Montana Metallic Effect gold spray as a base. Mephiston Red, Black Templar, Leadbelcher and Retributor Armor were used to base all else. I used some Nuln Oil for definition, and gave it a four-way directional lighting… The side of the spear starting with red, then orange, transparent white, then yellow… And a tip of drybrushed white. It all got a wash of AK Streaking Rust, removed mostly all with white spirit. Then another round of edge highlights, on the opposite side of the flamy point. An extra dash of the blue and red to tie things, pigments, varnish and ready.

I wanted to replicate the effects of the original, but adding extra detail, and going with TMM instead of the NMM fluke of the first. It looked pretty good, but I’m not all that confident to achieve it again within the time constraints. It was a luckily successful experiment, that one, but the true metals are more consistent within the army, and they add their own something.


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