Saint Celestine, the living saint & Geminae Sisters. GW’s 40K Adepta Sororitas. Part 8.

First time painting this one… Back then I had painted the Raging Heroes proxy intended for this character, but this one is the “real deal”. Took me a bit longer than I had intended, but with so many details on this army, there is usually a lot back and forth fixing blunders… As much as I don’t overthink color choices or even the act of painting itself, if I go “out of the line”, it’s a thorn I need fixed. It all came out as I had intended… That still is not the middle mark I’d liked to have done by now, tho.

There are one or two things that I need fixed when I open those bottles again… The “screens” at the back need their glowy green, forgot the text on the scrolls of the Geminae and they need a black dot on those barrels… Not drilling those! As much as people often say it’s a must, my success rate not going off-center is less than perfect, and I broke enough trying in the past. With my new Wow-stick I feel tempted, but already kind of know it’s a bad idea… the electric drill makes the work easier, but in no way more accurate.


Next… the five remaining characters at once: Canoness, Dialogus, Hospitaler, Palatine and Dogmata.


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  1. Kuribo says:

    She’s a great mini and I’m right there with you on drilling barrels. I’ve made more mistakes trying to do that than I have done it successfully, unfortunately.

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    1. Yeah… The slightest lateral wiggle once you are too deep, and they crack… Would be great to have small machined metallic muzzles that could be used to replace them, like those fancy upgrades they sell for airplane and ship models… Or a fixed drill setup, like those for big stuff that go down with a lever… In absence, a black dot will do just fiiiine…!

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  2. Azazel says:

    She looks awesome, but damn that looks like a fragile model!

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    1. Somewhat springy, on her favor… But yeah!


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