Finished Adepta Sororitas characters. Commission army – Part 9.

And this puts me in the middle of the assignment! Up to 1.100 points of the 2.260 in total. Although not really… Now comes the points-cheap bulk, and I better find a more uplifting way of looking at progress from now on… For moral uplifting, basically. On paper, I have a schedule, and I’m “barely” behind.

The mix of all possible details on this ones, made them perfect to tune the scheme.With the reds down through spray, I do the parchment white, then black, leather, silver, gold, wash, light and highlights.

First time painting a Dogmata, Hospitaller and a Dialogus. And second go for the Canoness and the Palatine. Those two are just missing a last pass of osl, like all previous energy stuff, for when I get to pin-wash with whites and do the whole thing for the army… And some grassy tufts.

The pictures are poorly lit, but it does showcase that they will also need a final pass of matt varnish. The texture is not as bad as it seems on this ones, but the combination of light and glossy finish gives the impression of them being extremely grainy… The matt should fix it, at the expense of dulling the metals somewhat.

Having finished magnetized parts and being able to mix and match, on top of “wishiwig” options, is my favorite part!

Next on the table… Repentias. But in the middle I already have the bare head options finished… So Morven and the tank pilots got one, too.


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