Adepta Sororitas commission army. Part 11. A versatile unit of Zephyrim/Seraphim.

This girls took their time… To the point of making me question my choices in life a lot. Thankfully the client understood that having the whole force finished by the end of the month, was unlikely… And at any rate, I’m confident with the level achieved so far, and it would be a pity to send the quality downhill, at the end of it! The bulk that is left I hope to reveal in one go… it is underway! Three units of Sisters and one of Retributors… Oh, and one of Sacresants… And a couple cherubs. All but the cyborg zombie babies, in different stages of basing, all at once…

But the flying ones, today… Third go at this models, flawless magnetization for all the options. Ten in total, with all options to be either a unit of each, with their respective Superior, or a big blob of either…



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  1. Azazel says:

    They look great, and I’m always so impressed with your magnetisation!

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  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those are gorgeous.



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  3. patmcf says:

    Brilliant work matey, very impressive!

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