Adepta Sororitas commission army. Part 12. Sacresants.

Life got hectic right at the end of all this… Decisions were made, had to move, and I’m basically restarting my life, while trying to keep being there for my daughter… Heavy stuff. Moving on!

Since I chose to paint this melee elites in a slightly different scheme than the troopers, they were finished on their own… They are still missing the helmets, that are getting painted right now with all the rest, but the hooded heads were ready from the “heads batch”.

They can also be a bunch of cool looking Superiors for the squads, having heads, arms and backpacks magnetized… The superior also has options for a melta/inferno or plasma-gun. Also an extra power-mace to suit some Superior, plus the one from the Retributor squad.

I have a lot of parts ready… The whole magnetized option array is finished, but for the last atmosphere touches. And with that… A lot of “soft-conversion” options open up!



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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    That is some amazing work. Sorry to hear about life getting heavy. I hope you can get things sorted out and take some solace in your hobbies.



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  2. Argentbadger says:

    Nice painting. More importantly, I hope that things work out for you in real life.

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  3. beautiful models as always sir, I hope all is going as well as it can.

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  4. Kuribo says:

    I just want to echo what others have said. You’re doing great with the Sisters but I hope that things improve for you in real life as well. That is always more important than our hobby even though I like to think the opposite way myself sometimes 🙂

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