Finished Bloody Rose commission army! 40K Adepta Sororitas WYSIWYG magnetized miniatures.

After a final long stretch, it is all finished and ready to ship! Ecstatic about it, not going to lie!

First, got the Repentia Superior and the specialized Retributor squad ready… Although they can be anything, I used those six, being individual sculpts, as training for the remaining thirty sisters in threefold tens.

That took some time… Streamlined as it was

And many extra parts, to make countless other possible combinations… Of regular Sisters, Dominions, Celestians… As many Superiors as anyone could possibly need, and like in the composition, up to three squads of Retributors. The final touch were the five individual based Cherubs.


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  1. Kuribo says:

    Excellent job getting all of these done! I don’t know how you manage to stay disciplined until they were all finished. A job like this would drive me mad! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I lost so much time procrastinating during prep… That once that was done, I had no time to question myself further! 😁

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  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    An amazing army- someone will be over joyed with those.



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    1. Thank you! He’s liked what has seen so far! Now on his way for the real test!


  3. Azazel says:

    Yeah, I have to echo the others – amazing work – and the fact that everything is magnetised really cranks the impressiveness up by a huge amount!

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    1. Thanks!! A real set of 40K LEGO indeed! Wish I had ordered the Wowstick beforehand… A next batch will be sooo much easier.

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  4. Argentbadger says:

    Amazing painting. You must have iron discipline to complete a project of this size.

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    1. Three months of some serious let’s do this… Another three of prepping and amassing the discipline. When it’s all laid in front of you, it takes about the same time to paint five, than twenty of anything!


  5. Well done there sir that is a very impressive achievement!

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    1. Thanks! Barely worth the money I got out of it, but I’ll wear the achievement medal with pride!

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  6. They have arrived safely, and the client is very happy!
    Good ending!


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