Necron Psychomancer. 40K Cryptek HQ.

This one stayed asleep a bit too long to go see the galaxy out there along his fellows… AKA got painted after they went for sale. I used that as an excuse to go a bit wild on the hot-glue shenanigans a la @the_Warsinger, and to also further try an optimize the scheme by some steps… It came out darker than the others, due to using an acrylic wash kind of in the wrong order, skipping the enamel instead.

I also got a couple extra UV color sprays. Used green and blue, here, for the first time… The yellow worked great on Szarekh.They are an awesome tool!

While the auction for the Necron army goes on, I finished yet another robot psycher, to join a future army of Undead killer robots from outer space… and time. The thing is doing great on visibility! At least, more followings of any of my previous, and the important number has gone up, by some bidders marking their position!

At the same time, I received direct messages from two awesome fellows that ended up with us booking my next project… And one in reserve, for when that is finished; An epic-to-be custom list of 2.000 points of Ork awesomeness! Already sourced from GW and our good friends from the LHS, @LaForja from A Coruña. So happy!

Using part of those funds, I sourced for myself an unpainted replacement of all the Necrons for sale… With some extras, and minus the Heavy Destroyer, Flayed Ones and Immortals. I saw the lot while stalking my own and couldn’t help myself replenishing the collection!


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