Ratling Squad. LOTR 40k Hobbits!

From artelW miniatures’ Brotherhood of the Nine.

Got the five halflings done this Christmas!

Pippin in the hood, there at the left, old Bilbo at the back… Frodo with his tactical stone, with Sam at his right, and Merry.

Black primer at the bottom, white primer at the top. A wash of (old) nuln-oil mixed with flow improver, and then Contrast or Regular acrylic mixed with flow improver and some water, pure metallics, some transparent purple, red and blue spray, and a bit of highlights mixing ice yellow to the base colors.

Still need to put pigments and paint those rims, but I’ll finish the ten bases together eventually.

Peregrin Took AKA Pippin *Sniper Pippin Tom.

Meriadoc Brandybuck AKA Merry *Sniper Merry Shot.

Samwise Gamgee AKA Sam *Sniper Wise Gun.

Bilbo Baggins AKA *Sniper Thief.

Frodo Baggins AKA *Sniper Ringbearer.

I have started working on Gimli, but it all goes on hold as I got home to be greeted by my next commission project!

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