Ork Nobz. 40K Commission. Part 2.

Finished a batch of the big Boyz! I had a box of them, with five multi-part ones and a Grot, two that came with the monopose Boyz of the Combat Patrol box, and three out of the boxes of multi-part Boyz.

From the old minis that go in the lot, there was already two. One in mega-armor… And this one’s were painted to go along with them… If in a slightly different style, considering those were painted about twenty years ago, and retouched not long ago, but they still fit. In those times, though, they took me ages.

I mixed all the parts and applied some conversion to maximize variety, and add some dynamic posing… Nothing crazy.

This eleven once prepped, came out in three days. Quite a difference in efficiency! They were batch painted with all the tricks in my arsenal… Self-made acrylic Contrast paint, AK enamels for a subtle rusty wash, oil-paints for lining, spray for atmospherics and basing out of pure dry pigments.

WIP: WOrk in progress.

Time now to tackle the troops… They are… A lot of them! I’ll begin by prepping a set of monopose, and Kommandos, so that I know what spares will be left to create the second set of those with some variation, mixing it all with the rest from the Boyz.


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